Air, the benefits

of inhaled therapy

Inhalation thermal therapies are used and recognized by Health care system for their efficacy during respiratory diseases’ treatments and against worsening. Special nebulizers work on thermal water particles, making them an effective treatment in chronic diseases involving upper/lower respiratory tracts. Therapeutic activity is not only related to induced-fluidized mucus but also to anti-inflammatory action directly on your breathing-system’s ephythelium. Following inhalation treatment, we were able to observe a decreased number of pathogen microbial species into the respiratory tract, helping an increase of those which are already physiologically present there.
In summary, the multiple therapeutic objectives through inhalation therapies are:
• Antiseptic action
• Ciliate -system stimulation
• Mucus fluidizing
• Breathing mucus’ features balancing
• Anti-inflammat oryactivity
• Pathogen microbial decreasing