60 min. = 65 €

Body oiling according to the most classic of the Ayurvedic tradition. After choosing the oil according to the body type of the recipient, it is applied abundantly to the skin of the body to facilitate the running of the hands in an active way, thus promoting a sense of warmth, pleasantness and removing heaviness and fatigue. Excellent for rebalancing the body-mind system and promoting deep relaxation.

Relax Massage

30 min. = 36 €

60 min. = 59 €

For the most tired and tense bodies. The massage that gives well-being and deep relaxation and that allows you to restore the right tone even to the areas most in difficulty.

No-stress Massage

30 min. = 36 €

60 min. = 59 €

A dynamic, active, very effective massage to free the body from unnecessary tension and constraints. For those who love active, deep massage and want to feel free to move in total freedom and dynamism.

Hot Stones

65 €

The hot stones slide pleasantly on the body, enveloping it, relaxing it and giving a feeling of deep relaxation. The massage that gives tranquility, harmony and energy rebalancing.

Candle massage

30 min= 48 €

60 min = 67€

The light that illuminates the skin! Precious vegetable butters that, in the form of light, glide pleasantly on the body giving warmth, softness and softness. Recommended for massage lovers!

Sports Massage

30 min = 36€

60 min = 59€

The massage that has been studied from the evolution of the Swedish massage which provides deep and dynamic maneuvers for the bodies stressed for sports activities. You can request the reactivating pre-sport or the after-sport to lighten, lengthen and promote muscle rest.

Foot reflexology

30 min= 40 €

60 min = 65 €

On the foot, according to oriental traditions, the various parts of the body are reflected. By applying pressure to the foot, we immediately go to give relief and health to the whole body, stimulating its activities and restoring its true health. More sessions are recommended for lasting benefits.

Mousse Massage

30 min = 39 €

60 min = 63 €

A soft mousse rich in nutrients such as shea butter and jojoba is gently massaged on the body to nourish the skin and give a sense of relief and lightness to the body.

Anti-cellulite modeling massage

30 min = 38 €

The massage that aims to redefine the silohuette, giving the body the right shape and the right tone, counteracting the annoying imperfections caused by cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage

30 min = 40 €

60 min = 65 €

Light and delicate touches to eliminate lymphatic stasis that creates skin imperfections and a feeling of weight. A cycle of sessions is recommended to obtain the desired result.

Firming massage

30 min = 38€

60 min = 62€

The active and dynamic massage which, thanks to its maneuvers, stimulates the body to reactivate its functions, giving a deep and complete sense of well-being, new vitality and tissue toning.

Hemolymphatic massage

30 min = 38 €

60 min = 62 €

It is an effective aesthetic massage to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation (both lymphatic and blood) through the normalization of microcirculation. Light but effective maneuvers that help prevent the formation of skin imperfections caused by cellulite or localized adiposity.

Honey massage

64 €

Honey, in addition to being an important source of energy for the body, is a precious ally for the beauty of the skin. Its special composition with a high sugar content (sucrose, glucose and fructose) and polyphenols is of great help for sensitive, dehydrated, dull and toned skin.

Chocolate massage

64 €

Chocolate, rich in theobromine, polyphenols, proteins and starch, has a high nutritional power for the most demanding skin. This massage promotes the elimination of waste from the body (diuretic, stimulating and vasodilatory action) as well as a pleasant tonic-stimulating effect at all levels.