Euganean Spas and Thermal Treatments.

Inhaled Therapy

Air, the benefits of inhaled therapy Inhalation thermal therapies are used and recognized by Health care system for their efficacy during respiratory diseases’ treatments and against worsening. Special nebulizers work on thermal water particles, making them [...]

Thermal Mud Therapy

The Thermal Mud Therapy Hotel Terme Formentin is part of the O.T.P. for the control of the maturation process and quality of thermal mud. Classified as 1st level superior by the Ministry of Health. Euganean therapeutic [...]

Euganean Spas

The Euganean Spas Euganean Spas are the largest ones in Europe. They are recognized all over the world for their Prevention and Health treatments by hyperthermal water and high-quality certified patented mud. Nowadays, the goodness of this [...]