The Thermal Mud Therapy

Hotel Terme Formentin is part of the O.T.P. for the control of the maturation process and quality of thermal mud. Classified as 1st level superior by the Ministry of Health.

Euganean therapeutic mud is made of two main elements, which are clay – taken from small Lake Costa in Arquà Petrarca – and our water. It is commonly believed its good effects are related to its hot temperature, released by clay mass during mud therapy.

Thanks to research, Centro Studi has shown there is a fundamental organic component in it. Thanks to its natural richness in dissolved minerals and gases, thermal water is a fundamental component of this process, but so are the environmental conditions to which the ripening tanks are exposed.

Centro Studi Termali Pietro d’Abano currently owns two patents. It got one in Italy in 2009 – Patent No. 0001355006 – and another European one in 2013 – Patent No. 1,571,203 – clear scientific validities of Euganean mud’s goodness. Over the last 100 years, mud ripening process has not changed. However, research on active anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cyanobacterial filters has taught us this process can still be improved.

The phases of mud therapy

Mud-therapy is made of three essential steps:

  •  mud spreading
  •  thermal bathing
  • sweating

Mud is directly applied on your skin at a temperature that can span from 38° to 42 °C for 15-20 min. After spreading and following a cleaning shower, you can dive into a thermal bathtub at a temperature that can span from 36° to 38 °C for 8-15 min. After drying with warm towels, you can sweat and relax to complete your biological balneotherapy. You can end with a massage to reactivate skin circulation.

Mud therapy and osteoporosis

Science tells mud therapy helps to rebalance your bone tissue’s metabolism and its remineralization, working on both local and systemic mechanisms. Mud balneotherapy should be matched to exercise in order to keep a correct mineral density, causing an anabolic effect. Results have shown this type of treatment helps increasing bone mass comparable to the same one obtained by pharmacotherapy – yet optimized. A daily moderate physical activity can be practiced into our thermal pools during your stay, alongside Spa treatments, to get your psychological well-being back and improve your life quality.

Mud therapy and osteoarthritis

Mud spreading is particularly good at controlling inflammation and relieving you from jointache. Tests show a whole mud therapy cycle can significantly reduce circulating levels of substances that can speed up and worsen local inflammatory cartilage damaging.
Thanks to the active microorganisms’ el ments of ripe mud, your cartilage’s cell matrix – the so-called chondrocyte metabolism – will get better quickly. Mud effects therefore protect you from degenerative arthropathy.

Mud therapy and

extra-articular rheumatism

Ache is particularly painful in certain kinds of rheumatic diseases, sometimes matched to other symptoms such as strain, sleep- and gastrointestinal system issues, badly affecting life quality and leading to depression and temp- disability.
Because of that, Centro Studi Termali “Pietro d’Abano” has studied bromyalgia in order to decrease pain’s sensitivity. Mud therapy has no cons on your digestiveintestine system so it can be added to your specific drug prescription, limiting its amount and still getting the same good results. In fact, mud therapy can help your physilogical system to react better against stress and to rebalance it.