Hotel Terme Formentin

Hot spring pools

The hot spring pools at the Hotel Formentin in Abano Terme await you with hydromassage barrels and beds, beneficial neck massage waterfalls, geysers, and Kneipp therapy with alternating jets of hot and cold water to reactivate your circulation.

The hot spring waters in our two pools (internal and external, connected by a passageway inside the water), flow at a good 87°C and at a temperature that varies between 33°C and 34°C. They are know for their therapeutic properties, especially for the respiratory system, rheumatism, and joint pain.

The waters are also used to “mature” the mud used in anti-inflammatory therapies, thanks to their special organic properties.

You can access the thermal pools every day from 8:00am to 7:00pm. You must use a bathing cap (if you do not have one, request it at the Reception desk). You can also take part in the water gym classes that are held six afternoons a week.

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Course made of river stones (activation of haematic pump in the foot) with knee-deep alternate hot/cold water jets (stimulation of blood circulation in lower limbs, acceleration of drainage, better tissue oxygenation). To be made after medical advice, no under 12 allowed.

Two Whirlopool


Just under the surface, with perforated plates releasing water bubbles around your body.
A complete hydromassage to fully benefit from thermal water while relaxing.


Hydromassage is not recommended to people with low blood pressure and capillary fragility. It is also not recommended to old people and children, heart patients and people not enjoying good health. Children up to 14 years old can use the pools only if accompanied. Pregnant women should avoid using hydromassages with direct flow. On the other hand, we suggest them to float on their back and walk in the water.  

Two Whirlopool Geyser

Placed in the outdoor pool. Standing upright, you will experience what their names come from: a powerful stream of air placed under your feet will move water upwards, like the natural Icelander Geysers.

Six whirlpool


Three inside the indoor pool and three inside the outdoor pool: in the central seat you will enjoy water streams with a light pressure, while the lateral seats have flows of both water and air, the latter having higher pressure.

Two whirlpool


Placed in the indoor pool. Standing upright, with a central stream
on your back and two lateral ones, you will enjoy a massage useful for skin microcirculation.


There are no particular contraindications on the use of whirlpools. However, it is better not to overdo this kind of treatment. Sessions should be up to 20 minutes per day at most. Every cycle lasts for three minutes. Position yourself at about 15 cm from the flows. There are no restrictions to the use of whirlpools in the swimming pool, please use them adequately and in respect of other people.

Two cervical


A thin stream of thermal water flowing on your shoulders, generating benefit to your cervical tract.

It is important to use them properly, keeping shoulders and the cervical tract on the surface of the water, so that the body isn’t hit too hard by the stream.