Facial treatments

Deep cleans with mud mask

51 €

Cleansing and peeling associated with vapour to optimize skin predisposition and help manual extraction of impurities. All completed by a mature mud mask, in which the mud is activated with a soothing cosmetic.

Sensitive skin treatment

43 €

The protective and repairing action of Ginko Biloba and Ruscus improve cutaneous microcirculation, making skin less fragile and delicate.

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Collagen facial treatment with triple action


Collagen and elastin are present in all the supporting structures of our body. This treatment is suitable for tired skin, skin marked by stress, dehydrated skin and skin that has lost its elasticity.

Deep moisture treatment

53 €


A highly moisturizing solution, extracted from mixing two kinds of hyaluronic acid to help moisturize superficial and deep epidermic layers, with antioxidant and antiage effects. The synergy and combination of vitamins E, A and F fight stress and tissue ageing, reactivating cellular metabolism and cutaneous microcirculation.

Firming treatment with soy proteins

45 €


Derivatives from wheat germ and soy fight the ageing of collagen and elastin fibres, making the skin more elastic and so reducing wrinkles formation.

Oxygenating treatment with vitamins

43 €

The synergy of vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin F fights stress and tissue aging reawakening cellular metabolism and reactivating cutaneous micro-circulation.

Facial lymphodrainage

20 €

A delicate massage facilitating the elimination of fluids through the stimulation of lymphatic channels.

Hyaluronic deep hydration treatment

80 €


(STRONG NO-WRINKLES)                       

A mixture of active ingredients such as: hyaluronic acid, Argan oil, almond oil and vitamin E. And some treatment .. you bring it home!