Wellness Treatments

Body peeling + hydromassage

40 €

Body peeling

25 €

Exfoliating treatment through the application of a cream with vitamin E added to a salt crystals powder studied for a complete regeneration of the epithelial cells. The treatment will be completed by a hydromassage with essences, to find an oxygenated and rejuvenated skin.

Microscrub White Thermal5colour + hydromassage

40 €

Only Microscrub

25 €

This “Star dust” delicately removes dead skin cells giving it new shine.

Hydromassage with essences

24 €

Bath with essential oils in a whirlpool bath with fillers working on the back, sides, legs and feet, all harmonized by a draining effect wave. Very effective at the end of peeling and microscrub thermal5colour.

Termoactive mud treatment (slimming – anticellulite – toning)

36 €

Based on the use of Abano Terme mature mud, activated with different active ingredients such as: Ginkgo Biloba, caffeine, horse chestnut, vitamin C (for slimming and anti-cellulite treatments), and soy protein (for firming treatment).

Thermal5colour treatment

25 €

The micronized clay is the primigenic component of the active ingredients of the 5 colored creams, consisting of a very distinct crystal lattice, within which many minerals coexist, the ideal catalyst of the unique, natural and beneficial properties of Thermal5Colours.

Frrezing wrap (heavy legs)

22 €

An effective vascular gymnastics of the capillaries obtained by using menthol crystals activated by thermal water and essential oils.



32 €

Seaweed extracts associated with Ginkgo Biloba and caffeine stimulate the basal metabolism and counteract adipose accumulations.

Honey pack

36 €

Body wrap composed of an emulsion with a high moisturizing power that contains mucopolysaccharides that allow, by binding water to the surface of the epidermis, to create a hydrated and velvety corneous layer.

Personal Biotrainer with infrared (Lipofit)

36 €

Infrared lipolytic treatment. Sixteen active electrodes with the possibility of personalized programming with modeling, anti-cellulite or firming action.

Roman sauna with lipolytic effect

It is characterized with hot-dry bioclimate
got by heating walls and benches, where
intense perspiration occurs, with a resulting
body detoxification.

Turkish bath with aromatic vapours (aromarium)

With a relative humidity of 90% and a temperature of 60 ° C, it favors the circulation as it dilates the blood vessels, and contributes to a deep cleansing and purification of the skin thanks to the opening of the pores.

Finnish sauna woth detox action

With a temperature between 80°C and
95°C, it causes intense perspiration and
helps eliminate water and toxic substances.
With these temperatures, muscles relax and
loosen tension. It accelerates the metabolism
in a beneficial way, speeds up the heartbeat
and helps blood circulation.